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12 Ways To Upgrade Your 9-5

Sponsored by HP.

Just like how new athletic gear can make the gym a more enjoyable experience, new office supplies and little details can make your workday vastly more productive and your workspace immensely more appealing.

1.) It Starts With A Proper Desk

First priority: a clean surface. Artifox’s new offering, in sit-down and stand-up variations, features an intuitive cable management system and is absolutely gorgeous. It's the Ferrari of desks and our #1 choice for a productive and cool workspace.

2.) Personal Items Are Needed--But Don't Overdo It

You don't have to load up your desk with knick-knacks, but a few stylish items will make your work feel more like a home, less like a prison.

3.) Get Organized

The more organized your space is, the more organized your mind is going to be. Muji, our go-to for just about everything, has some great office storage and organization solutions. 

4.) The Right Notebook

There’s plenty of traditional notebook options out there, but a Wipebook is the future, man. Reduce your paper waste by jotting down your daily to-dos and notes on dry-erasable pages. 

5.) Snack Time

Listen, we're not telling you how to eat, but a bag of unsalted almonds within reach will do wonders for your focus and give you energy throughout the day.

6.) Clean Air, Clear Head

Not only do studies show plants increase productivity, but the right flora looks great in a stylish workspace. Online plant store The Sill delivers low-light plants in well-designed pots to your door, taking the hassle out of plant ownership--minus the watering part.

7.) Get a Pencil That Feels Great

Whether you prefer expensive ink or the precision of a mechanical pencil, a proper writing instrument will make your penmanship look better and will be easier on your daily carpal tunnel as well.

8.) And A Computer That Works Great

Pencils and notebooks still have their place in the office, but let’s face it, a trustworthy laptop is essential in almost every line of work. HP’s new line of Pavilion 17” notebooks feature a touchscreen, look great and store more with up to 2 TB of storage. They’re currently available with a Flex Pay payment plan at HSN now, meaning you can get it home for less then $120 today.

9.) No More Hourglasses (Or Pinwheels)

Your time is too valuable to waste on loading icons stemming from an inefficient operating system. Fully loaded on your new HP Pavilion, Windows 10 is hyper-fast from start-up, thanks to InstantGo technology.

10.) 20-20-20 Rule

Know that zombie-like feeling from staring at a screen for eight hours? Adopt the 20-20-20 rule (thanks, LifeHacker, for the tip) to combat ocular strain from your computer. It goes like this: Every 20 minutes, stare at an object at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Your eyes will be grateful.

11.) Hourly Calisthenics

As a great complement to your summer workout regimen, set hourly alarms encouraging you to get bursts of exercise throughout the day. Doing push-ups, lunges or stretching out doesn’t require any gear, and you’ll notice you have more energy too. This, however, is best played out in a private corner office behind closed doors--not next to your open-office workspace.

12.) A (Real) Clock

A well-designed clock helps you keep deadlines in mind while acting as a slick style piece. Keep it simple but personal--we like the ones from School House Electric best.