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11 Things NO MAN Should Ever Buy

Avoid like the plague.

Here are a handful of things men should avoid throwing down some hard earned cash for.

Fake Instagram Followers: There are few looks worse than somebody with 50,000 followers and 7 likes per photo. Buying followers on social media won't make you look cool, important, or attractive. Anyone with an IQ over 20 can spot it from a mile away.

Pre-Tied Bow-Tie: There's only about a dozen different tutorials on YouTube that can teach you how to tie a bow-tie. Don't be the chump with one of these.

Clip-On Man Buns: PLEASE don't. Regular man buns are bad enough.

Fake Arm Selfie Stick: We can't even believe this actually exists.

"Dress" Sweatpants: Betabrand actually makes some pretty solid regular pants, but their gimmicky dress sweatpants aren't a great move. There isn't a single situation where you wouldn't feel insecure wearing these in a work environment.

Fake Luxury Watches: You're better than that. Instead of trying to up your cool factor with a fake luxury watch, just spend the same amount of cash on a quality budget friendly timepiece from a brand like Seiko or Hamilton. 

Fathead Wall Sticker: No matter how big a sports fan you are, a giant life size sticker of your favorite player has no business  being on your wall.

Ab Belts: These things are a giant scam. The only shortcut to visible abs is clean eating.

Giant Subwoofer For Your Car: Most modern rides have plenty of built-in bass. 99% of the guys who "upgrade" their car with a giant subwoofer in their trunk just like being the obnoxious dude at red lights with bad music and loud thumps.

Fake Designer Furniture: If you can't afford an actual Eames lounge chair, don't get the knockoff version for cheap. Save your cash and buy the real thing when you can easily afford it. It will mean so much more to you. 

PT Cruiser: You'd think this would be obvious, yet you see at least two of these on the road every time you're out and about.