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11 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy The Apple Watch

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Not sold on the Apple Watch. Here are a few reasons why...

1.) Sure, the technology behind it is pretty cool, but it just feels so temporary. Watches are supposed to last and mean something.

2.) You're never going to pass down your Apple Watch to your son when he graduates high school.

3.) You'll be having to upgrade the thing every two years. Just like how outdated (and practically unusable) the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s feel right now, the current Apple Watch will feel like that toward the end of 2016. It's more "right now" than "forever."

4.) HealthKit, the big time fitness-focused features Apple is touting in their watch, is available in iOS 8. You'll have access to all of that data on your phone.

5.) It's just flat out ugly. It looks pretty good on models and in professional photographs, but in person, it's not quite the looker. Here's a shot Ben from HODINKEE took while at the Apple event.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.44.39 AM

6.) Most people who buy a nice mechanical timepiece will own and wear it for MANY years. The Apple Watch is something you'll need to replace every 1-2 years.

7.) It's not that hard to pull out your phone to check your notifications or navigation.

8.) We need less distractions in our life, not more of them. Let your phone charge in the other room and not look at it for a few hours. Leave it at home when you run to the store. Leave it in the car when you're on a romantic date. You don't need your wrist buzzing every time Aunt Susan writes a two paragraph novel on your Facebook wall or some random dude likes your Instagram upload.

9.) Mechanical watches are a beautiful art. The moving pieces, the inner-compleixity, the lack of batteries---they're cool in every kind of way. For just $395, you can get this gorgeous and simple mechanical field watch from Hamilton. They're a great brand with a rich history of making quality (but not flashy) timepieces. Ever read the Jack Ryan books from Tom Clancy? This is the watch that he wore.

10.) You'll probably have to manage the thing using iTunes, which is basically the worst program ever made.

11.) Watches are a way, especially for men, to show off individual style. You can get fancy swapping out the straps and changing the face on an Apple Watch, but you're going to see SO many people wearing these things. The kind of connection or respect you have when you see another man wearing a Tudor Black Bay or Omega Speedmaster will be severely missing with it.

All in all, a cool gadget that ultimately feels like a toy and not a timepiece. There's something very James Bond-ish about a smartwatch, but it's hard to imagine a world where this is the kind of device that would feel appropriate at the Oscars or in the board room. Apple does so many things great, but it's hard to look at this as a win.