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10 Utility Apps That Will Upgrade Your iPhone Experience

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If you're one of the lucky people who snagged a new iPhone, you're probably looking for some cool applications to equip the thing with. Here are a few things we recommended---no games or anything too fun---just simple things to get down to business with that work and work well. From a better version of the standard Apple camera to a more elegant calendaring solution, you'll be a happier iOS user once you've installed a few of these...

Weather Line: Instead of the boring old Weather app that comes standard on every phone, download this bad boy. It gives you the weather forecast in an infographic style making it easy to digest and understand.

Splikity: This app is the ultimate password safe and a lifesaver if you hate dealing with those "email to reset password" times. Basically, it takes your passwords and automatically saves and syncs them between its mobile and desktop apps so you can access them anywhere. It works and works well.

Mailbox: They redesigned email to make it light, fast and email friendly. You'll never want to go back to Apple's standard Mail app after using this for 24 hours. It's the best.

Waze: This is just a really good GPS app that blows Apple Maps out of the water. It has community-based mapping features that let you know real-time traffic and road info, saving you precious time when there's a jam, construction, or accident.

Sunrise Calendar App: Really slick and simple calendaring app with a desktop counterpart.

Manual: Gives you the kind of features you have with a real SLR camera but on the iPhone. A nice replacement for the regular camera app if you're a photographer who knows what things like "ISO" means. You'll be a task-crushing machine with this thing. Out of all the to-do lists out there, this is the best one we've used.

Pocket Casts: When it comes to managing podcasts, Pocket Casts does so in a way that's both good looking and easy to use. It's also about 100 times better than the standard Podcast app from Apple.

Connect Contact Manager: You'll never open your regular Contacts app again if you have this thing installed. Beautiful and time saving.

Instapaper: This app has been around for years, but if you're not using it already, now is the time to start. It allows you to save stories you've come across on the web and save them to read later. Great if you're flipping through Twitter and spot a long read you don't have the time for at the moment, or want to browse some good article when flying on a plane without WiFi.

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