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10 Things Every Man Should Want This Fall

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With fall just around the corner, now is time to start gearing up properly so you're well prepared when the leaves start changing and the weather starts cooling down. Here's a few "essentials" that are less essential for living and more "would just be really awesome to have."


The Perfect Henley: This one from Goodlife fits perfectly and looks more lux than its pajama-like competitors.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.43.52 AM

A Good Book: This is a brilliant read on survival and courage about a former Olympian who is captured by the enemy after he was drafted into WWII.


A Quality Pigskin: For tossing around with the boys on the weekend and slinging around with the family when they're in town. You'll get more use out of one of these things than you'd think.


A Quality Bicycle: You can't go wrong with a bike ride with your significant other on a crisp autumn morning. Especially if you're on rides this stylish.


An Incredibly Comfy Pair Of Running Sweats: Whether for working out or for lounging, adding another pair of quality sweats to your wardrobe is never a bad idea. These are tapered and more fitted for a look that's just as comfortable, but significantly less sloppy.

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A Timeless Watch: This is such a good looking watch for any dude to sport. But the best part? It will only set you back $88. Snag it from the Huckberry watch shop.

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A Fun-As-Hell Board Game: Think you're too old for board games? Think again. This isn't a game of luck or a game of Candyland, it's full on strategy that's easy to learn, hard to master. You and your friends + family will have an absolute blast with this one. If you don't, email us and we'll go out of our way to do something extra nice for you.

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A Simplified Flight Jacket: It has got the cool factor of a Top Gun-esque flight jacket but with ten times the simplicity. Perfect for chilly nights and a great transition jacket as the weather drops.


A Get Out Of Town Backpack: Whether it's for a day trip or a one-nighter, having a stylish backpack to accompany you out of town is always a bonus. This one is especially sharp.


EDC Keychain Kit: This little package comes with a free key, survival pod, screw key set, and tiny lighter. You never know when you're gonna need any of these, but it's always nice to have on you. Essential? Not even close. But it's a cheap and awesome way to treat yourself as you prep for fall. Get it from Huckberry EDC shop.