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10 Things Every Man Should Have In His Bedroom

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Here are a few essentials every dude should have locked and loaded in his bedroom. Nothing too complicated and nothing too pricey, just a few little things that will go a long way.


High Quality Bedding: If you're spending 5-9 hours a day in your bed, you might as well have it be the most comfortable thing in the entire world. It's not something you want to skimp on.


An Elegant Bluetooth Speaker: For upbeat tunes in the AM and mellow jams in the PM.


A Candle That Smells Amazing: She'll appreciate a high-end candle more than you will, so best to save it for special occasions.

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An iPhone Dock: Instead of having a messy cord sprawled out on the floor or nightstand, spend a few bucks and get one of the docks that Apple (or Samsung, HTC, etc) sells. If you can afford a $600 phone, you can probably afford this. Plus, most importantly, it keeps things clean, classy, and neat.

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A Leather Valet: Instead of having loose change and your car keys sprawled across your dresser, ditch them in a nice leather valet tray.


A Large Mirror: Because you have to know how good you look and it's nice to have when things are getting...intimate.


A Personal Photo: Whether it's of you and your significant other or of your family, having one nicely framed on a bedside table or dresser is a nice touch. Just don't litter the room with dozens of photos.

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An eBook Reader Or iPad: Best to avoid TV or your computer when laying in bed trying to unwind, but something like a Kindle is perfect to have in your nightstand drawer.


Coasters: It's a good touch to have on your nightstands as almost everyone likes to bring a glass of water to bed. It also shows that you value your possessions and take pride in their appearance.


A Light Dimmer: Installing one of these adds a level of intimacy and sexiness to any bedroom. The last thing you want is the place to feel like an ugly run-of-the-mill office with florescent lights.