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10 Pivotal Purchases That Take You From Boy To Man

Sponsored be Leesa.

These are the kind of essential purchases every guy makes during his journey to adulthood. How many have you checked off?


Sure, that BMW or Mercedes of your dreams is always going to be at the top of the list, but there’s nothing more exhilarating than knowing that engine you’re firing up is fueled by not just petrol: but your hard-earned dime, regardless of price-point. Don’t want to settle for the cookie-cutter midsize? You get ultimate bonus points for investing in a slick stallion with a few extra miles before getting your hands greasy replacing that cracked serpentine belt and busted carburetor. 


Few things demonstrate your transition into adulthood quite like treating your parents to dinner. So next time you’re in the old neighborhood, suggest heading out to your family’s favorite spot. Though it’ll hardly make up for everything they’ve done for you, the look on your Pop’s face when you stop him reaching for his wallet is one you won’t soon forget. 


Listen: Ikea definitely serves a purpose. We’ve all had that classic Malm bed that saw countless hours of Netflix and…admittedly far fewer hours of “chill.” But the time eventually comes when you have to invest in a quality mattress. After all, they do say that you spend a third of your life sleeping: why not do it right? Fortunately for you, our friends at Leesa have made the investment much easier on the old wallet without having to sacrifice any of the quality. Shipped directly to your door in a compact box: a quality mattress from Leesa will give you the rest you need to power through your productive day. 


No-brainer here, fellas. Quality in a suit certainly helps, but trimming that extra fabric off of any suit is a pivotal key to growing up. The “I-raided-the-old-man's-closet-at-the-last-second” look is never flattering, after all. Not to mention, anyone worth impressing will absolutely notice. Don’t forget to do your due diligence: a great tailor isn’t a dime a dozen. You want someone who’s equally as skilled with a needle and thread as they are recognizing good taste. Make them your best friend and they’ll make sure you look like a million bucks. 


College would’ve been a far better experience for most of us if we knew to appreciate the power of the grape. There comes a point where a basic working knowledge of a respectable bottle of wine will make sure you stand out from the herd of Two Buck Chuck. Do your research, and always have a nice bottle of wine ready to grab before heading to that dinner party: a true gentleman doesn’t show up empty handed. And don't be a ponce about it: drop it off and let the wine do the talking. Nobody likes the two-bit sommelier. 


It’s tax season once again, and no better time to start handling one of those inevitable obligations like a grown-up. Like a good tailor, a reliable tax accountant is well worth the investment, but requires a bit of research. One of the best avenues is word-of-mouth. We can guarantee an admired colleague, friend or family member will have someone they trust to ensure the tax-man is satiated. Not to mention: a solid return can go towards that slick new ride you’ve been eyeballing. 


This one is far more exciting than teenage you could’ve ever imagined. You think Pokemon cards were fun? Most of us didn’t even know how to play that ridiculous game. Trading stock is like Fantasy Football on steroids—real stakes, lots of dough, and you totally feel like The Wolf of Wall Street. It requires research, strategy and a whole lot of luck. We can guarantee: you make that first trade, even if it’s just a share, and you’ll be glued to the ticker like a kid waiting for Santa Clause. 


Okay, between this one and the bottle of wine: this is getting a tad booze heavy, but a great bottle of scotch is a true badge of honor. You might be asking yourself “why scotch over a nice tequila, gin or vodka?”. Well, it’s because whiskey is the classiest damn thing you can sip on; an acquired taste you need to acquire. And don’t you dare think about turning a good scotch into an Old Fashioned just because you saw Don Draper do it. Add a splash of water to a neat glass of Macallan and see what all the fuss is really about. Rest assured: when your future father-in-law drops by, he’ll be impressed. 


Fossils need to stay buried in the dirt. You might think it a tad elitist to so highly value the worth of an accessory, but the statement made by a great watch is immeasurable. For the $200-$300 you drop on a Nixon or Michael Kors: you can toss in an envelope for a few months until you earn enough to invest in a far-classier Hamilton, Baume et Mercier or even Rolex. If you’re going to wear a watch, wear one that screams self-respect. You might not realize it yet, but it will absolutely set you apart from the crowd and fill you with a very deserved confidence. 


It’s so easy to drop cash on yourself to improve your own self worth, but you don’t realize how good giving to someone else feels until you start doing it on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean just tossing money at a random fund: pick something that means something to you. There’re tons of local charities in your area that can help benefit your community by buying books for schools or funding a local hospice. Even more meaningful: give monthly to a charity based in your hometown to remind you where you came from, keep it to yourself, and know you’re making even the smallest of differences.