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10 MORE Things We Love About The Jawbone Up24 After One Month

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We partnered with the folks over at Jawbone to take a closer look at the Up24 fitness band. A few weeks ago, we posted about some things we loved about the device after one week. Now, after over a month of using one on the daily, we're here to revisit with ten MORE things we love about the Up24.

1.) If for whatever reason you forget to put the thing on, your whole day is kind of messed up. How many steps have I taken today? How many calories have I burned? It's such a luxury just KNOWING how active you've been, and when you don't have that information available to you easily, your day just doesn't feel the same. As sell-y as it sounds, it's hard to imagine going WITHOUT the thing after using it for a few weeks.

2.) You will pretty much not go a single day without being active. If you see that your steps and calories burned are down for the day, nothing will motivate you more to go to the gym or at least go on a nice walk. A lazy Saturday spent watching movies on the sofa will make you feel even worse than it would without the Jawbone Up24. This is a GOOD thing.

3.) Doing normal chores around the house or office are something you actually want to do now. Vacuum your bachelor pad? Sure. Wash your car? Done. Walk the dog? Go an extra 15 minutes to add to your step total. You feel like you're being productive AND working towards meeting your fitness goals via the Up24. It's weird but a great feeling.

4.) You will start to eat better if you keep track of your meals. It estimates the calories consumed based off what sort of food you've entered via the app and the simple act of inputing "3 chocolate chip cookies" is motivation enough to not have "3 chocolate chip cookies" again. This is a pretty solid thing if you're trying to get more fit.

5.) You'll start feeling bad for anyone who uses there iPhone or a normal alarm clock to get up each morning. The "light vibrate to wake up" thing is worth the price tag alone. Truly game changing.

6.) You'll become your biggest competitor, always trying to outdo yourself.

7.) You won't feel like your wasting your time when going shopping or running errands, because you'll realize that you actually burn a decent amount of calories and get a ton of steps in while doing so.

8.) You also won't feel as guilty having a beer or two when out on the town, as that's another scenario where you don't realize how far you've walked, how many calories you've burned, or how many steps you've taken until you actually look at the data. Just avoid that late night drunken fourth meal.

9.) You really won't mind parking far away, as it just adds to your total "score."

10.) You will feel truly better about yourself, as corny as that sounds. When you have data available to you and are readily checking it, it's a constant reminder that you're doing something right. You can FEEL like you've ate healthier, walked more, and slept better, but to KNOW you have as well? That's special.

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