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10 Cooking Accessories That Will Take Your Kitchen From Boring To Cool

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The kitchen is probably the only room in the house where you can cook, entertain, eat, and socialize all at once, so make sure you don't overlook it. Here's a few accessories that'll upgrade your kitchen, look awesome, and make for good conversation.


1.) Borough Furnace Cast Iron Skillet: Cast iron cooking materials have been around for about as long as civilization has been formally cooking and for good reason too. Cast iron skillets are versatile, durable, naturally non-stick once it's seasoned, and they're easy to clean. You can use it on your stove in Manhattan or over a campfire in Aspen. Pick one up from Borough Furnace who are putting a contemporary spin on the timeless utensil.


2.) Live Edge Maple Cutting Board from Greg Klassen: You might remember Greg Klassen from a few articles ago making those great looking wood living room tables infused with glass. The master woodworker also makes great looking kitchenware too. Go with a "live edge" board which means the natural edge of the wood is incorporated in the design and it'll give your kitchen a bit of class and character. It's time to put that plastic board on the chopping block.


3.) Chef's Knife from Victorinox: Honestly, you don't really need all those different knives that come bundled in those wooden blocks. We're not Michelin-rated chefs here at Airows, but we know our way around the kitchen enough to know you only need one good knife and a little practice and dexterity to impress that date and get dinner made. Pick up a Chef's Knife from Victorinox. They're the same company that makes the Swiss Army Knife. You'll find reviews from Reddit to Amazon praising their durability and wide usage in restaurants around the world.

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4.) Bamboo Knife Holder: So you picked up a few knives from Victorinox. But now where to put them? They deserve a better home than the drawer and you can skip the typical wood block with the precut knife holes because chances are, they won't fit. The solution? This bamboo knife holder from Bambeco. The reclaimed bamboo will give your knives a great looking home and you'll never have to worry which knife goes where.


5.) MENU Salt and Pepper Bottle Grinder: There are times in the kitchen when a salt and pepper shaker won't cut it. Sometimes you need coarsely grounded salt and pepper like when you're seasoning a steak. These bottles by MENU will get the job done and look great while doing it. Plus, they stand like bottles so you won't get any salt or pepper dust on the counter after you're done grinding.


6.) Dean & DeLuca Test Tube Spice Rack: So you have salt and pepper taken care of, but what about the other spices? Well, this modern looking rack from Dean & DeLuca is definitely one to include in your kitchen laboratory. When you're not using the spices, it transforms into a colorful table centerpiece, rather than being tucked away in the cabinet.


7.) Designer 725 Blendtec: You've seen the videos. The Blendtec is our favorite here at Airows. It'll mix anything from that protein shake to your iPhone 6 if you're not careful.

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8.) Ratio8 Coffee Maker: We're in the kitchen with this list so we can't forget the coffee, especially in the morning. We're excited for the February/March 2015 release of Ratio8, a beautifully designed auto pour over coffee brewer. It has more sensors, features, and definitely more aesthetics than your average coffee machine, so it's worth a look if you're looking to upgrade your current machine.

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9.) Wine Fridge: Your aged Napa wine doesn't belong in the same fridge as your milk and leftovers. Separate it from your conventional fridge into it's own. With a freestanding wine fridge, you don't have to build a cellar to store your wines so there's no chance of getting trapped like Fortunato.

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10.) Soma Water Filter: This water filter will work just as hard as your Brita filter and will look good doing it. It's made of sustainable plant-based materials so you'll be doing the Earth a favor. After all, she is giving us all our water.