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10 Home Goods Under $100 That Will Seriously Upgrade Your Place

They might be small, but they pack a big punch.
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Here's some home goods that won't break the bank, but will upgrade your pad nicely.

1.) Fresh Luxury Sheets ($99)

Don't be the chump with the cheapo stuff from a licensed designer--looking at you Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren--but instead, snag something that has top of the line quality without the price tag. Brooklinen is basically the Everlane of sheets and they're doing a stellar job. They're basic starter set with set you back under a hundred.

2.) Nice Candles That Both Look And Smell Amazing ($28)

A good candle can upgrade any spot. These ones from Sydney Hale Co. are hand-poured and blended in small batches and have the added bonus of not only smelling great, but looking great.

3.) A Laundry Basket You're Not Scared Of Guests Seeing ($100)

Ditch the cheap plastic buckets you've had since college and upgrade to a chic and cool look like this. If you're spending a decent amount of cash on clothes and tailoring, they deserve the best.

4.) Cheap But Stylish Storage ($45)

Whether it's a bookshelf, desk, countertop or media center, a nice wire basket can adds some clean lines and organization to any spot.

5.) Updated Cabinet Hardware ($6/each)

The quickest way to make a kitchen or  bathroom feel completely different is by changing out the cabinet hardware. It's always a game changer.

6.) New Bathroom Waste Baskets ($45)

The bathroom waste basket is an overlooked accessory that you see and use every single day, but chances are, it needs a quick upgrade. This one has a great industrial design you can't argue with.

7.) Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker For Your Shower ($99)

Your favorite tunes (or podcast) in the AM has never been easier. This bluetooth speaker from Braven has a stylish design, 10 hours of wireless sound, and is completely water-resistant.

8.) A Vintage Inspired Wall Clock ($100)

This clock has a killer 50's feel to it that will look solid in any kitchen or living room. With wristwatches and mobile phones, this isn't exactly a necessity, but with a design like this, you gotta look at it as wall art.

9.) A Handome And Simple Toaster ($49)

Stainless steel and wood make for a great 1-2 punch with this low-key but sophisticated toaster. It's a nice way to bolster your kitchen countertops without having to throw in new granite.

10.) Agate Table Coasters ($59)

These cool coasters in sliced crystal are polished to reveal naturally occurring patterned rings. They're a nice and sleek addition that every person who sets a drink down will appreciate and admire, not completely ignore.