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10 Gizmos And Tools That Will Make You Feel Like James Bond

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Even if you're not taking down terrorist rings and jetsetting around the world fighting crime, you probably don't hate the idea of being a little more like James Bond. These cool gizmos and tools will add a little Q-Branch to your lifestyle...

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1.) 8.0MP Underwater Video Mask: For those times when you need to send video footage back to your team on the land when infiltrating an underwater base of an international criminal mastermind...


2.) Pen With Hidden Video + Audio Recorder: Get that confession out of someone on tape... Discretely.

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3.) WhistleGPS: Even though it's meant for keeping track of a dog, hiding this on a vehicle or smoothly dropping it in the jacket pocket of an enemy is one way to figure out where that secret warehouse is...


4.) Montblanc E-Strap: A true man of mystery won't be sporting an Apple Watch. This upcoming e-strap from Montblanc can easily fit on any watch strap---including the 007-favorite Omega Seamaster---and give you some digital updates quietly while still having the elegant sophistication of an analog watch. It's the best of both worlds.


5.) Gerber Money Clip With Secret Blade: Hold a few crisp $100 bills in this thing and deploy the knife if you want an edge in a hand-to-hand combat situation with a villainous henchman...

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6.) Spy Coin: Need to keep some top secret files secure? Hide a micro-SD card in one of these bad boys... Doubtful they'll be able to find it.

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7.) Wallet With Built In Lock-Picking Set: A skill every man should know how to do, even if it's just for breaking into your own house after leaving your keys somewhere. This one has the added benefit of coming with a wallet/carrying case, so you'll almost never be without it.

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8.) Visible Cutaway Practice Handcuff: Hopefully you'll never have to break your way out of handcuffs, but this cutaway practice set will help you get spy-read if the situation ever comes up. A much more comfortable option than dislocating your thumb to slip them off and escape.

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9.) TORA Clothing Polo Shirt: This polo shirt is made of 100% superfine Italian cotton pique stitched to perfection with a sleek fit and mother of pearl buttons. The best part, though? It was specifically designed to never fade or compromise its shape over time and wear, so it can handle any scruffs or dangerous situations you find yourself in.

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10.) Hidden Knife Cufflinks: These bad boys have a hidden and secretive fold out blade, making you feel both sophisticated and dangerous.