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10 Favorite Things: John Dowling, Founder Of Boast

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John Dowling is the founder of Boast, one of our favorite brands. Here's how we described 'em when we first wrote about the company a few months back...

Boast is one of the best brands on the planet, mostly because of its East Coast waspy heritage but with a completely disheveled spin. If a brand like Lacoste is Fred Couples, Boast is John Daly. It’s a little more wild and a little more F you. But still very country club and very tennis inspired.

We dig practically everything about them, and much of their success and style comes from their founder, John Dowling, pictured below. He's a true "Boast guy" by every measure.


We asked him to share a few of his favorite things...


Matchbook Collection: "These date back to the early 80's. If I haven't been there, they don't make the cut. My most treasured are from New York places that are long gone like Nell's or El Teddy's. The last time I moved I thought they were lost for a week and I had a minor freak-out. They're in a few fishbowls and I want to put them in a big frame."


Iris Take-Away AKA Willowtown Store #7: "This is a one-of-a-kind grocer/sandwich shop/coffee spot across the street from my place in Brooklyn Heights. I have a tab and can just hold up what I'm grabbing for the cashier to see. I spend way too much money in there."


RM Williams Boots: "I wear these a lot. After a few wears they feel like you're wearing nothing. And I only have to replace them every seven years or so."


My Boast Navy Polo: "I had to say it, but it's a long-time staple. I like it worn-in to the point it feels like me. There's no built-in obsolescence; it lasts forever."


Keen's Steakhouse: "It's a splurge but it's pretty special having your favorite steakhouse across the street from your office. Perfect old New York charm and the best meat."

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Patsy's Pizza: "The original in East Harlem. New York style pizza in slices only. If I'm anywhere nearby I have to stop in, even if I have to double-park."


Hurraw Lip Balm: "I'm addicted to lip balm. I came across this brand in my favorite natural foods store in LA, where I used to live. It's all natural. Almond is the best"


Canon S100: "I could say my Nikon but that's heavy and this one fits in my pocket. I've been into snapshots since I was little and I'm usually carrying a camera. And lip balm."


Fives Ball: "I was captain and coach of the 1989-1990 national championship Rugby Fives team. (There are just two schools that play in the US, so the championship is just one match.) Fives resembles handball in a concrete squash court. The ball is wood wrapped in leather."


Louisiana Music Factory: "This is my favorite record store. I love the varied music of New Orleans, new and old. When I can, I make it to Jazz Fest in the spring or a more off-peak weekend trip. I come back loaded with music."