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10 Big-Kid Toys Worthy Of Your Bachelor Pad

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Just because you're a grown man with bills to pay doesn't mean you can't enjoy some toys that aren't expensive cars, boats, or watches. Here are a handful that we highly recommended.

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1.) Cubebot: A cool puzzle that'll be a great addition to your desk.

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2.) Italian Bocce Ball Set: Keep this handy for good times in your backyard when the sun is out. A perfect and easy going companion to a summer BBQ.

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3.) Vintage Tiffany & Co Playing Cards: Playing cards all look alike. Stand out with these slick vintage cards from Tiffany & Co.


4.) Makerbot 3D Printer: 3D printing has been making innovative strides in recent years and Makerbot Industries has been on the forefront with their line of 3D printers. You can print nearly anything you can create in a Computer Aided Design or CAD workbench like CATIA or Solidworks.


5.) Rubber Band Machine Gun: Fortify your spot with a rubber band machine gun. It'll have enemies diving for cover.


6.) Qubis Haus: Part model house, part coffee table. It'll add a little Frank Lloyd Wright vibe to your living room.


7.) Hector Saxe Backgammon Set: Any space looks great with a vintage-inspired backgammon set, but it'll look outstanding with THIS vintage-inspried backgammon set, which is basically the Aston Marin of board games.

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8.) Settlers Of Catan: This is the greatest board game you can possibly play and about 100 times as fun as your average round of Monopoly with rules that are easy to learn and exhaustingly fun, despite it's boring design and ugly appearance.

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9.) Vintage-Inspired Pinball Machine: A gorgeously designed pinball machine that will make you feel like a kid again without making your pad feel like a Chuck E Cheese.

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10.) Parrot Bebop: The Parrot Bebop is a great looking lightweight drone with an integrated camera. Take it out for a spin around town to get some great aerial views and photography that's 4-digit likes on Instagram worthy.