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10 Best Apple Watch Apps Available Now

The ones you need to know.

Whether you're out on the Apple Watch (like most of the dudes behind this website) or all in, it's important to know the coolest apps to download. As of right now, here's the best of the best. We're hoping to see a lot more good stuff on the platform over the next year or so, but for the time being, here are the top options.

CARROT Weather: CARROT weather isn't your typical weather app. It give you the weather info you need in an entertaining way with things like "Heavy rain starting in 10 min. Sucks to be you!". 

Roomie Remote: Gone are the days of trying to find your remote. This slick app lets you control thousands of devices like TVs, cable and satellite boxes, receivers, Blu-ray players, lights and thermostats from your wrist.

Splikity: Splikity is the most simple and secure password solution. We all hate password and can never remember them. With Splikity you can access your passwords anywhere - computers, mobile devices, and now on the Apple Watch. 

Target: Don't know about you but we hate having to find things in stores. With the new Target watch app there is no more wandering around or having to ask an employee where everything is because the app tells you exactly where to go to find what you need. 

Starbucks: Mornings are rough. Order your Starbucks from your watch so it is ready when you swing by to pick it up. Just wave your watch to pay and you're out the door. 

Chipotle: Lines at Chipotle are not for most people. Order and pay for your food with the "Burrito Button" on your watch and bypass that long line. 

Deliveries: Deliveries is a cool app that keeps track of all of the packages being sent to you. Now, you can check the delivery status even more times throughout the day. 

Uber: Uber is something we all use all of the time. Now it's as easy as tapping your watch. 

Keynote: Control your entire presentation from your watch with this slick app from Apple. If you have to use this program for work often, it will come in handy.

Flight Track: There is nothing worse than airports. Keep an eye on all of your flight stats right from your watch.