Wolves Whiskey from known footwear and lifestyle entrepreneurs James Bond and Jon Buscemi has just unveiled the new "Spring Run" expression, developed in California's wine country by a 13th generation Master Distiller, Marko Karakasevic, using a rare, copper brandy pot still imported from France back in 1983.

A variation of their signature blend, "Spring Run" is a careful mix of four statements: 1) whiskey distilled from Stout craft beer, aged in French Oak for 10 years, 2) whiskey distilled from Pilsner beer, aged in New American Oak for 6 years, 3) a Rye selected for its back palate spice, and 4) a single malt American whiskey distilled from two-row malted barley and aged in used French Oak for 10 years. The result is extremely balanced and full with a touch of spice and heat, starting with a mix of tangerine and dark chocolate with hops and nutmeg before moving to a long and warm finish.

The presentation also takes great care, with each bottle wrapped by hand in Italian sheepskin leather, which sits plush (courtesy inlays) against the heavy French-cut glass. Bar worthy and then some.

Limited to just 110 numbered examples and priced at $200 USD, a portion of the "Spring Run" release will first be available to the Wolves Allocation List on May 19. Make sure to sign up here while space remains.