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California's First Luxury Whiskey Brand Has Arrived

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Wolves is a new luxury whiskey venture from known footwear and lifestyle entrepreneurs James Bond (of UNDEFEATED fame) and Jon Buscemi (of Buscemi and GREATS) along with Marko Karakasevic, a 13th generation Master Distiller.

Made in Northern California, the first run is a 106 proof blend comprised of a whiskey double distilled from a craft stout beer, aged for 8 years in French oak, a whiskey double distilled from a craft pilsner beer, aged in New American Oak for 5 years, and a rye whiskey to add a little spice.

"I wanted to sip something with my people at my house that was truly different, something you couldn't find anywhere else," says Buscemi. "When we found the Master Distiller, we knew we found what we were looking for, for our first release. He's an artist. We brought some special rye to the table and blended a juice that is balanced and rich." 

The bottle is made from heavy, French-cut glass with a sleek cork top made of Maple wood. It's then wrapped in Italian sheepskin leather, which is hand cut, embossed, printed with UV light, and laid flush to the glass by hand. 

"The idea for the design was to not stray too far from what we do since not all of us were proper whiskey drinkers by nature," says Bond. "We had to build it to live in something authentic that we would create no matter what the product would be. Leather bound bottles and handcrafted containers fit anyone's vibe no matter what they drink."

The first run is limited to just 898 examples at $150 per bottle and available exclusively online. Head here to get it on the bar.