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Rye January: WhistlePig Unleashes an Alcohol-Free Non-Whiskey

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Vermont-based distiller WhistlePig has just launched PiggyBack Devil’s Slide, a non-alcoholic whiskey with all the taste and none of the booze. And unlike others in the growing category of alcohol-free spirits, this is no mere mocktail base—though it does help make a tasty Old Fashioned. Rather, it's equally designed to enjoy neat or on the rocks.

The elixir is made from 100% rye matured for six years, then undistilled to remove the alcohol but not the flavor. Well, almost all the alcohol. Less than 0.5% remain, meaning you'd have to drink 160-190 glasses in a sitting to get the same effect as your standard pour.

Bottles are available in limited supply directly through WhistlePig, priced at $49 USD per. All proceeds head straight to the United States Bartenders' Guild National Charity Foundation, which helps mixologists who are underemployed due to the combination of COVID-19 surges and alcohol abstinence popularity through the first month of the year.