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WhistlePig Launches New Boss Hog Bottle Finished in Japanese Umeshu Barrels

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Premium rye whiskey distiller WhistlePig just announced The Boss Hog: The Samuari Scientist, a very experimental sixteen-year-old, single barrel, straight rye whiskey made in collaboration with the Japanese brewers from Kitaya

The whiskey was distilled in Canada using koji fermentation and aged for sixteen years before being finished in umeshu (a Japanese liqueur made by steeping ume fruits in alcohol and sugar) seasoned barrels. "With umeshu being an intensely aromatic spirit, it does not take long to impart deeply complex flavors," says Pete Lynch, the Master Blender at WhistlePig. "Each barrel of The Samurai Scientist is bottled at proof. Only 90 barrels exist and each bottle notes the barrel number and proof, ranging between 120 to 122."

On the nose, according to the brand, The Samurai Scientist provides notes of cinnamon mixed with maple syrup and toasted marshmallows with bold flavors of tobacco, ginger, baking spices and savory umami arriving upon tasting. They suggest drinking with a few drops of water to further reveal its complex rye spice mixed with oak and vanilla.

The Boss Hog annual release is consistently the priciest (and hardest to find) bottle in their fleet of elixirs, so look alive (and bring your checkbook) if you think you need this on the top shelf. Caskers, as of now, has it available for pre-order at $499.