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Sleek, Lightweight & Affordable: This Pizza Oven Has It All

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The backyard has a lot of "grail" essentials for the modern homeowner, from a tastefully designed pool and lounge deck to an expertly executed putting green. And though those are things you never want to cut corners on, culinary staples like an integrated barbeque (instead, go with a Traeger) and pizza oven (instead, go with the Karu Pizza Oven from Ooni) are "hackable" without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. 

The latter relishes in its artful modern design and weighs just 25lbs—a significant decrease from the bulk, cumbersome alternatives. It's crafted from 430 stainless steel with ceramic fiber insulation, which can reach temperatures up to 950ºF in just 15 minutes. Cooking times for pies, meanwhile, are clocked in at cool 60 seconds per.

And though traditional pizza ovens can be quite messy, a built-in custom fuel tray maximizes airflow and makes cleanup a breeze. 

Arriving with an extra-thick baking stone for pizzas up to 12" in size, the Ooni Karu is powered via your choice of wood or charcoal and is priced to sell at just $399 USD. Add it to the HQ here.