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The Cocktail Shaker Just Received the Ultimate Update

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Lock in your home bar with the new Elevated Cocktail Shaker, which is "the first of its kind to substantially improve the design in over a century."

It does so by going beyond its premium stainless steel construction and sharp design, offering an array of handy features for the cocktail enthusiast. For starters, it's crafted with durable silicone gaskets, which means it won't leak when shaking or get stuck together, which can get embarrassing in front of a guest or group. It packs a built-in measurement system as well, so drinks are never too strong (or worse, weak) with markers for pours ranging from ¼ ounce to 6 ounces.

It also features vacuum insulation, made famous by Swell bottles and others. This not only keeps your cocktail ice cold but does so without freezing your fingers off or leaving condensation rings on your bar or counter. And if you need to be on the go with drinks on hand, it can also hold an entire 750 ml bottle of spirits, wine, or cocktails.

Perfect for making martinis like Bond and other boozy staples, it's available to purchase right here.