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Unique Valentine's Chocolates That Skip the Cliché

What your significant other actually wants.

Of course, you could buy a box of chocolates from the same shop in town where she sometimes treats herself, but c'mon, we're talking about Valentine's Day, not a midweek grocery run. Here are a few presents from top chocolatiers whose unique confections are well worth the price of shipping to your special someone.

Caviar & Vodka Chocolate

So she's a little high-maintenance, and you're okay with that. But you need to bring your A-game on Valentine's. La Maison du Chocolat has got you covered: the Paris and New York-based company has been satisfying the palates of their sophisticated clientele for nearly 40 years. Their exquisite Caviar & Vodka Petrossian box contains premium vodka and caviar in dark chocolate ganache. 

Truffle Fudge

The recipe may be a secret but the accolades are not: John Kelly Chocolates has garnered the attention of the New York Times and an appearance on Top Chef All-Stars. Their signature fudge has the smooth consistency of a truffle and comes in multiple flavors including dark chocolate espresso and semi-sweet chocolate & caramel with Hawaiian Alaea sea salt.

Wine Chocolates from Napa Valley

If your baby loves chocolate and your baby loves wine then Anette's Chocolates factory, open seven days a week, is a must-stop on your weekend getaway in Napa. In the meantime, why not order up a little wine country Valentine’s magic? Cabernet tart cherry and raspberry Merlot pâté de fruit are just a couple of the yummies in the 15 or 30-piece assortment box. And check out their dessert toppings including bottles of Chocolate Cabernet sauce and Belgian Chocolate Brandy.

Chocolate Book Box

Packaging matters. A heart-shaped box? That will probably remind her of the kid back in second grade who had a crush on her. Assuming that's not the effect you're aiming for, allow us instead to introduce Savannah chocolatier Adam Turoni who packs knockout flavors like mint julep, red velvet cake, and Georgia peach into hand crafted boxes resembling vintage books with Florentine-style paper. Guaranteed your sentimental sweetie will hold onto the keepsake box long after these precious goodies are gone.

Single Origin Craft Chocolate

A true aficionado will love these high-quality bars. Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate is all kinds of cool (including the backstory: a couple of carpenters in Eureka California, Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor, went from woodworking and boat building to handcrafting chocolate bean-to-bar). Their single-origin chocolates are made from only two ingredients: cacao and cane sugar. Why not buy a half dozen or so from the series—Brazil, Vietnam, Guatemala—and leave them in places where your significant other will find them throughout the day? Near the coffee pot, yoga mat, laptop...

The limited edition Valentine’s Day bar (72% Madagascar chocolate with organic freeze-dried raspberry and vanilla coconut palm sugar) goes on the bedtime pillow.