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Unified Ferments’ NA Beverages are Secret Weapons for Better Weeknights

If you’re still cruising on the NA high of your dry January but running out of new flavors to turn toward, meet Unified Fermentsnon-alcoholic effervescent tea-based drinks. Kombucha aficionados might raise their eyebrows at such language, but rest assured that this isn’t your tea dust and acetic acid soda you’d grab for a midday beverage.

Rather, Unified Ferments’ founders aspire for their 750mL libations “as deep as wine without being beholden to alcohol” through a combination of tea production and fermentation. They’re craftsmen at heart, with immaculate attention to detail paid to ingredients, most of which are sourced from artisans in China.

Indeed, what they’ve conjured are PG-rated wine alternatives, but with tasting notes that reward audiences with mature palates. And it’s the effervescence of a pet nat or a prosecco that’ll really bake your noodle – perfect for a night off without feeling like it’s a night off.

Each pour is deep enough to deserve a dedicated swirl pre-imbibing and nuanced enough for a pre-fixe pairing; don’t be surprised to see them appearing on the menus of some of New York’s trendiest new spots. We’re particularly fond of the Wen Shan Bao Zhong’s aromatic punch to the gut.

There’s four highly potable varieties that ship nationwide, but don’t forget to fridge ‘em upon arrival for a maxed-out freshness quotient; the 4-pack sampler might just be the best bang for your buck on the internet today.