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This Is the Ultimate Guide to the Art of Mixing Drinks

When originally published nearly 25 years ago, Charles Schumann's The American Bar: The Artistry of Mixing Drinks was hailed as the most authoritative cocktail book ever published by likes of the New York Times. Now Rizzoli is coming out with a brand new and thoroughly updated edition in September, available to pre-order on Amazon. The thirst-inducing volume contains over 500 mixed drinks "covering the spectrum from classic to inventive."

As Rizzoli notes, Schumann’s arsenal of recipes, listed alphabetically, contains everything the cocktail lover needs to know as well as an easy-to-use index arranged by drink categories plus fascinating stories behind different cocktails and their component liquors, a guide to essential bartending equipment, and a glossary of international bar terms and measurements.

So don't just stand there, son – start shaking.