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This $140,000 Crystal Aevum Imperial Is the World's Most Exclusive Bottle of Wine

Actually more like 8 bottles.

Penfolds, the legendary Australian maker of some of the world's finest vintages, has come out with the most impressive and exclusive wine bottle presentation ever – the $140,000 Aevum Imperial Service Ritual.

Only five of the precious sets, made of pure crystal with 1,900 different diamond cuts and bespoke silver stands, are being offered to collectors worldwide. The main vessel holds a massive Imperial of Penfold's iconic 2012 Grange wine – a highly anticipated vintage of one of the most collected and cellared wines in the world – equivalent to two double magnums or 8 standard 750 ml bottles, which is included in the hefty price. 

A second more table-friendly decanter cleverly designed to be permanently tilted though anchored to the sculpted base holds a single bottle's worth and can be refilled as often as you like. These will later be available separate.

“For the first time ever, Penfolds has released a number of Imperials," notes Chief Winemaker Peter Gago (above), adding. "It is the most difficult task in the world of wine to actually get it out of the bottles." The Aevum Imperial solves the problem in the most elegant way.

Penfolds partnered with Saint-Louis, the oldest manufacturer of glassmaking in Europe, on the ultimate decanter set; buyers of the coveted five pieces will also get a free trip to Australia and the winery itself to take delivery in person.

Is the Aevum Imperial needlessly extravagant? Of course, but you can hardly pour a king-sized vessel of priceless Australian red into a water pitcher.