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This Coffee Aged in Spirits Barrels Is Sublime

The Morning Dram is a new lifestyle brand that’s hit it out of the ballpark with their first launch: coffee beans that have been aged in spirits barrels prior to roasting. Founder Tommy Tardie is owner of a couple of NYC restaurants including The Flatiron Room which was awarded "2021 Best Bar in America" by Whisky Magazine.

“I love coffee more than I like whiskey,” Tardie tells AIROWS. "When I go to bed at night I look forward to waking up and having coffee. I thought it would be cool to combine the two together. I was drinking a lot of coffee and had some ex-bourbon barrels and rye barrels lying around the office and I thought maybe I could incorporate the two.”

There’s no alcohol in the bag of beans, just the glorious aroma and finishing notes that come from the time they've spent in the barrels. Tardie, who traveled to Colombia for a deep dive into tasting and sourcing, says his aim is to get customers to appreciate sipping their morning coffee in the same mindful way that a spirits lover sips an evening dram of whiskey neat. The product line also includes a straightforward (not barrel aged) medium-roast house blend with flavor notes including ripe peaches, honey, and chocolate-covered apricot. Single-origin offerings are forthcoming.

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