Hollywood director Steven Soderbergh has blessed us with Ocean's 11, Logan Lucky and plenty of other phenomenal films and now he's blessing our home bars with Singani 63, a clear Bolivian liquor with 500 years of heritage distilled from the Muscat of Alexandria single variety grape. And unlike most other celebrity-owned booze outside of Casamigos and select others, it's actually really, really good.

After being introduced to the intriguing spirit while shooting Che more than a decade ago, Soderbergh quickly worked to bring his find to the United States, taking on a seven-year battle and jumping through legal loophole after legal loophole to get it approved by all the right people. And though it's technically classified as a brandy courtesy Washington bureaucrats, it’s anything but, with light spicy notes and a long, fresh citrus fade that's often described as "impeccably clean" compared to other spirits.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a bottle yourself, search this map to find local retailers, or better yet, whisk off on a spontaneous, extremely adventurous South American thrill ride and get it straight from the source. Best neat or on the rocks, as Soderbergh prefers, it can also be mixed into a number of cocktails.