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A Special Edition Bourbon to Debut in 'Kingsman' Sequel

Required for any gentlemanly bar cart.
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Alright, guys.

You ready for some massively cool movie marketing? 

Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Hitting theaters on September 22nd. Sequel to an all-time great action romp. Colin Firth. Channing Tatum. The Red Viper. Jeff Bridges. You get it. It's going to be quite the movie.

On top of a wardrobe partnership with MR PORTER, it now has its own bourbon, thanks to a special collaboration with none other that Old Forester, who will be debuting their new "Statesman" straight bourbon whiskey in the film.

95-proof featuring bold flashes of pepper and cinnamon bark and a finish of intense spice and eucalyptus that fade into orange cream and caramel, this should be a joy to sip on. 

We'll cheers in August, upon its release. It'll retail for $54.99.