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Turn Your St. Patrick's Day Toast Into Cash with Guinness

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After a couple years of make-do St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, the team at the venerable Guinness is determined to get the holiday back to its old self. “We’re going all out this year,” senior Guiness brewery ambassador Jimmy Callahan tells AIROWS. Virtual is out. In-person is in. “The pub is the heart of Irish culture and heart of the town.”

When asked if there’s anything someone new to Guinness ought to know, Callahan says, “Some people are afraid of dark beer. They think it’s going to be thick and viscous.” In fact, “It floats on other beers,” at just 125 calories in a 12-oz pour.

This year’s big St Patrick’s Day plan? Some serious green. As in: a million dollars. The brand will be giving fifty thousand to each of twenty winners of Guinness’s Great Reunion Toast contest. Here’s the gist: as you reunite with friends and family for ‘a bit of craic’ (as the Irish call a fun and lively get-together), offer a toast that embodies the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. Then upload your toast for your chance to win. See details here. Sláinte!