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New Special Edition Hibiki Harmony Release Is Shockingly Affordable

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The annual ltd. edition Hibiki Japanese Harmony for 2021 has just been revealed by Suntory, which adds painted flowers and water ribbons to the whisky housing for an effect that's equal parts eye-popping and elegant. The bottle design draws inspiration from the 24 seasons in the traditional Japanese lunar calendar, which has always been a theme with Hibiki Harmony. In fact, since its inception, 24 facets have surrounded each bottle of Hibiki Japanese Harmony.

For those familiar with the premium Japanese whisky, it's still the same tried-and-true is a blend of malt and grain whiskies from Yamazaki, Hakushu, and Chita distilleries: light, easy, thoughtfully delicious with notes of rose and sandalwood on the nose, honey, and white chocolate on the palate, and Japanese oak finishing things off. It's unbeatably good, always impresses, and is meant to enjoy neat given the low ABV and airy presence.

And though ltd. edition releases like this one tend to cost a significant premium, the 2021 Hibiki Japanese Harmony will be availed at select retailers for just $125 USD. For comparison's sake, the normal version tends to float in the $90 USD-$110 USD range depending on the store.