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Son of a Peat: Flaviar Launches New Batch of Unapologetically Smoky Scotch

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Flaviar, the spirit club for enthusiasts, just announced the long-awaited return of Son of a Peat, their ultra-peated blended malt Scotch designed to "provide a lip-smacking, smoking gun delight to whisky lovers."

The 2,000 bottles of Batch 02 will be available via a lottery system exclusively to Flaviar members, with each member able to buy up three bottles each, subject to availability. (One to open, one to gift, and one to save for later, they suggest.)

“Years of analyzing data and customer reviews on our platform has helped us understand what a perfect peated malt is for our members, and also what someone new to peated whisky, would enjoy as their first experience of a peated Scotch," says Grisa Soba, co-founder of Flaviar. "With Son of a Peat we’ve been able to satisfy both camps, those that have already fallen for peat and those just starting to explore the peated Scotch world."

If you're thinking this has a place in your home bar, Flaviar members have until March 11 to register for the lottery. Godspeed!