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Soma Adds a Sleek Water Bottle to Their Hydration Aresenal

With a portion of proceeds heading to charity:water.
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By now, you probably know Soma. They mastered the filtered water pitcher, were one of the very first  successes on Kickstarter, and make some of the most beautiful products in the world. Expanding their business with an additional SKU, they just dropped the simple and stunning Soma Bottle.

Made from high quality and shatter-resistant glass with an easy grip sleeve, it's a great alternative to chemical-clad plastic bottles and will save you quite a bit of cash not having to stock up on Evian during every grocery store run.

On top of just being a solid product with a great design and fair price, a donation is made to charity: water with every purchase. They're one of the best nonprofits in the world and help provide safe drinking water projects globally. Too many charities are weird marketing exercises with a CEO ranking in seven figures a year and a microscopic percent of donations actually going to help people. charity:water is not that. They're the real deal and something to support as much as you can.