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Rémy Martin's New Ltd. Edition Cognac Is a Homage to the 1980s

Rémy Martin is one of the most iconic names in cognac. Founded in 1724 and boasting an impressive royal lineage, its famed cellarmaster Baptiste Loiseau is entrusted with the responsibility of continuing the house’s centuries-old traditions and impeccable style. And sometimes that style is of more recent vintage.

Such is the case with Rémy's latest offering, a limited edition of its legendary VSOP expression, inspired by one of the House's heritage bottle design from the 1980s and the decade's mixtape culture. While the gold and black color scheme is a nod to the era's decadence, as with all things Rémy Martin it is done in excellent taste.

Inside the bottle is the renowned Rémy Martin VSOP cognac that "embodies the signature style of the brand's Maison (historic home in France), with a vibrant amber color, revealing dominant notes of vanilla, ripe apricot and baked apple," they note.

It is now available for purchase in select states and online retailers at a suggested price of $50 USD, making it an accessible upgrade for your home bar and cocktail experimentation. The VSOP is equally well-suited to sipping neat or making mixed drinks.

The packaging also pays tribute to Rémy's longstanding ties to music. "The Rémy VSOP bottle has been an icon in music culture for generations," the brand notes. "Music artists of the past have shaped and inspired the sounds we hear in music today, and that same timeless excellence is reflected in Rémy’s cognacs throughout history."

It's also the perfect way to toast initiatives such as the Rémy Producers series which "honors the exploration of new sounds from local level artists creating a platform for music producers," and providing emerging artists with mentorship from industry leaders including Grammy-award winners.

And if you're not sure whether the limited edition elixir should be consumed or kept locked away in your spirits collection, the simple answer is, buy two—one to drink and one to keep.