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Turbo Charge Your Cocktail Game With RAFT Bar Syrups and Bitters

It’s easy to poke fun at Portlanders with their ‘craft’ this and ‘artisanal’ that. But after a taste of Portland-made RAFT bar syrups and bitters we stopped laughing and started quaffing. These elixirs, made with top-grade botanicals, are something special.

Add a spoonful of Smoked Tea Vanilla Syrup and a few dashes of RAFT Aromatic Bitters to a shot of bourbon and splash of soda to make yourself a Smoky Old Fashioned, a perfect rainy night cocktail. Recipe cards are included with each order to jog ideas, but it’s fun just to experiment. If you have a favorite drink that calls for orange bitters, try swapping in RAFT’s award-winning Cardamom Bitters for a spicy change.

Start mixing things up here.