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Procera Gin Brings a Taste of Africa to Your Bar Shelf

If you’ve been hanging at home lately but hankering to see the world, here’s a way instead to bring a bit of the world to you. Procera Gin started with three buddies having a gin and tonic sundowner in a backyard in Nairobi. Fast forward a couple of years and their spirit has been racking up awards including a 96-point gold medal at the 2020 International Spirits Competition in London. 

All gins have juniper at their heart. Procera features a unique species: juniperus procera, native to mountainous regions of eastern Africa. The berries are used fresh (not dried) during distillation in a big Mueller pot still. Other botanicals include mace and cardamom sourced from Zanzibar, Acacia honey from Somalia, Selim pepper from Sierra Leone, and Swahili lime from Kenya. The base alcohol is fermented from sugar grown in the Lake Victoria region.

Even the handcrafted pipe-blown glass bottle on your shelf (each uniquely numbered) is like a raconteur back from adventure with stories to tell. The simple but inspired blue dot is a stylistic homage to the juniper berry while the stopper is carved in Nairobi from the wood of a doum palm tree.

Head out on your gin safari here.