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Is This the Best $50 Rye Whiskey Money Can Buy?

A Kentucky-made killer.
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Though our Food & Drink expert Jake Emen recently declared Willett Family Estate Rye to be the best $50 bottle on the market, a little something called Pikesville is giving it a serious run.

Wandering around Hi-Time Wine Cellars, a legendary family-owned booze barn in Southern California, the self-proclaimed "whiskey guy" talked us into the six-year-old, 110 proof offering.

"You'll come back and thank me," the grizzled, Grandfatherly aficionado said. "Everyone does." 

Well, here's your thanks.

Dry and spicy with oaky smoke underneath and honeyed rye, this whiskey packs a serious punch of extraordinary, with each flavor, from soft vanilla to cocoa notes, working in perfect harmony. At only $50, this serious sipper tastes like something four times its price. 

Pick up a bottle if you can find it. You won't regret it.