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Pharrell Williams and Nigo Launch New Line of Premium Sake

Japenese menswear label Human Made reimagines mid-century workwear in some of the coolest ways possible and to celebrate their new store in Kyoto, Pharrell Williams and Human Made's founder, legendary Japanese designer Nigo, teamed up on a premium sake line.

Cleverly titled Storm Cowboy, the line launches with two varieties, Junmai Daiginjo, which pairs the sweet taste of rice with notes of peach, and Jumai, which has a sweet and sour finish that pairs especially well with sashimi.

Housed in minimally designed bottles with a particularly stylish logo, these will be exclusively available to purchase at the brand's new Kyoto location via lottery. We might see a wider release at some point but it doesn't appear as if Pharrell and company are trying to replicate other celebrity-backed liquor ventures from a distribution perspective.