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Penta Tequila Showcases the Terroir of Agave

Penta is a sipping tequila with a difference. It began as the passion project of a Napa winemaker who along with four buddies decided to bring their knowledge of terroir, fermentation, and blending to the production of premium tequila.

“Tequila and wine are probably the closest distilled spirit,” founder Steve Reynolds tells AIROWS. Of course, the base of tequila comes agave. But “agave, how it’s grown, where it’s grown, the different varietals all make a difference,” he says. And while most tequila makers obsess about the still, Penta puts their attention into the fermentation (length and temperature, and removing certain parts of the plant before distilling), plus blending for flavor and character. Champagne yeast is used in Penta’s fermentation.

The name Penta honors not just the five company founders but the five regions of Mexico where tequila can legally be produced. In the same way that the majority of great red blend wines contain Cabernet plus a small portion of one of the five “noble grapes” like Merlot or Petit Verdot, so with Penta, the base, of course, is agave from Jalisco but it includes agave from all the five regions to showcase the best part of them.

The handsome five-sided crystal bottle is available to purchase online here and will make your bar cart look like something from a Hollywood movie set.