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There are Only 1,200 Bottles of Lagavulin's Cask Strength 25 Year Old at $1,200 A Pop

One of its oldest and rarest Scotches ever.

The Lagavulin distillery on Scotland's rugged Islay, which recently celebrated 200 years of producing some of the world's smokiest Scotch, is coming out with one of its oldest and rarest malts ever this fall.

Lagavulin 25 Year Old is matured exclusively in sherry casks – a first for the distillery – and bottled at powerful cask strength for an even richer, peatier experience. A "sublime expression" of Lagavulin's 200 year history, it pays homage to the distillery manages who helped craft it over the years.

“For two centuries, Lagavulin has been crafted through the hands of hard working Islay residents, from peat cutters to warehousemen," notes current distillery manager Georgie Crawford.

"The characters that make Lagavulin what it is today share a passion for producing an award winning Islay dram, and I'm proud to say I am part of it."

On the palate the 25 Year Old has a "voluptuous, oily texture." Then it gets "intense, with masses of charred wood, oak-smoked meats, honey, burnt treacle tart and ash." Refreshing spearmint quickly follows along with notes of saltwater that turn a bit sweet.

The finish is "long, smooth, sweetly honeyed and elegant," with "slowly rising fragrant wood smoke, ash, salt and a subtle, chili like heat, followed by cooling eucalyptus." Finally it's "oily and bittersweet, with burnt orange peel, all of it lingering deliciously."

$1,200 is starting to sound cheap....