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A 'Hateful Eight' Star Just Launched Your Favorite New Spirits Brand

Walton Goggins' new tipple.

It turns out that The Hateful Eight star Walton Goggins is a man of many talents. In addition to starring in Tarantino epics and the criminally underrated The Shield, the actor has just launched a cool new spirits brand called Mullholland Distilling

Goggins teamed up with cameraman Matthew Alper on the brand which pays tribute to the great city of Los Angeles with an artisanal lineup consisting of New World Gin, gluten free Vodka and American Whiskey. 

The brand was born from the duo's shared appreciation for small batch bourbon – Alper (above, right) started making his own for friends and family a decade ago – and their fondness for the City of Angels.

One of the first spirits companies to set up shop in L.A. since prohibition, the brand is named after William Mulholland, the Irish-born visionary who "expanded the boundaries and possibilities of Los Angeles" by bringing water to the desert town. 

Prepare to have your thirst quenched once again....