The Score: Mezcal's Ultimate Guide Goes 20% Off

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Mezcal is the perfect elixir for the warmer months ahead. But don't be sloppy about it. The spirit is often paired with a complicated array of cocktails ranging from sophisticated and strong to fruity overkill best reserved for the light drinker at a shoddy all-inclusive "resort," so bar menus can be dangerous and unpredictable. Educate yourself instead with Viva Mezcal, a stylish bible that documents everything you need to know about the ancient agave spirit. And thanks to a special Memorial Day sale, it's 20% off right here

The new edition — bound by hand in black leather with a simple gold embossed title — is filled with 50 cocktail recipes to experiment with and learn from. And for those who enjoy the spirit with a single rock, you're not out of luck. The read also contains tasting notes for nearly every brand available in the United States, allowing you to make an informed decision the next time you pick up a bottle.