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The Can’t-Cook-Without-Them Tools Every Kitchen Needs

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Material Kitchen is a new direct-to-consumer upstart delivering quality and well-designed culinary products at fair prices. If you fall in the demographic that demands better quality than whatever Ikea and Target are offering but get turned off by the style (and markup) of places like Williams-Sonoma, it's definitely a brand to have on your radar.

They just unveiled a Fundamental Set that features seven quintessential pieces of kitchenware – an 8” Knife, an "almost" 4” knife, a metal spoon, a wood spoon, a slotted spatula, tongs, and a wooden base. All, of course, with a gorgeous and contemporary aesthetic. 

Available for pre-order now – with free shipping and 60-day trial period to boot – this is definitely something to consider. Though it won't hit your doorstep until February, all backers will receive a special holiday gift in just a few days. Time to cook up a storm....