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Move Over Aperol, It's Time for a Martini & Rossi Fiero Spritz

Aperitivo hour is about to get a lot more interesting thanks to Martini & Rossi. The legendary Italian drinks brand, founded in Turin in 1863 and famed for its iconic vermouth, just released Martini & Rossi Fiero, a new botanical-and-orange infused aperitif that might give Aperol cause for alarm. 

Though M&R is not issuing a direct challenge to the Aperol Spritz's classic recipe—they diplomatically suggest using tonic water–we plan to substitute it for the overplayed orange amaro this summer.

Fiero, as the name suggests, is fiery orange-red in color, and unlike the suspicions surrounding some secret recipes we could mention, the hue and flavors are 100% natural, thanks to sweet Spanish oranges from Murcia Spain and various botanicals.

Martini & Rossi Master Blender Beppe Musso came up with the recipe and blending process. The Spanish oranges are peeled and hand-cut into long strips before being spread on linen threads to dry naturally under the sun in the first stage of its creation.

In classic aperitivo fashion, Fiero pairs perfectly with savory, salty foods, such as Sicilian olives, Italian cured meats and aged Parmesan. Martini & Rossi collaborated with chef Karen Akunowicz of Boston’s Fox and The Knife on some ideal accompaniments. 

Sharp-eyed classic car enthusiasts will also note the nod to Martini & Rossi's heritage, with the brand's famous racing colors appearing on the neck of the bottle. Happy spritz-ing, all.