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Little Book's Cask Strength 'Noe Simple Task' Is the Latest Offering from True Whiskey Royalty

In 2017, Freddie Noe (son of Jim Beam's Fred Noe and grandson of the legendary Booker Noe, as well as the eighth generation distiller of the Beam family), released his first ever batch of "Little Book" bespoke whisky. Now the American whisky aristocrat is coming out with a new chapter in liquid form, dubbed "Noe Simple Task."

The elixir was inspired by a trip to Alberta, Canada where Freddie studied the "differences in the Canadian whisky distilling process and the delicate flavors aged Canadian whiskies can achieve". Wanting to find a way to incorporate a similar style back home he settled on a blend of 8-year old Kentucky straight rye whisky, 13-year-old rye whisky selected for its depth of character, and 40-year-old whisky made from 100% corn.

And he ended up calling it "Noe Simple Task" after creating nearly 40 different blends before deciding that the above – #29 – was "the one." Bottled uncut at its natural proof of 118.8, the result "features both floral and fruity notes that balance out the spice from the rye whiskies in the final blend, with a finish that is long, lingering and spicy with notes of caramel." 

We'll drink to that....