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Meet the Best Single Barrel, Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey has been trending in popularity for the past couple of years for reasons including increased innovation among distillers and makers, resulting in more premium offerings. A new premium release that should be on your radar is Limavady Single Barrel Irish Whiskey from the town of Limavady northwest of Belfast.

The Irish are well known as engaging storytellers devoted to their history, and indeed the Limavady brand has a unique back story. While there are venerable old distilleries as well as new whiskey companies starting businesses all the time. Limavady is a bit of both. Founder Darryl McNally (“I was born and bred in a pub,” he chuckles) has had a career in the spirits business including a stint as a master distiller at Bushmills. He decided to launch his own whiskey. Along the way, he discovered that he is descended from the owners of the original Limavady Distillery, founded in 1750 and which his family-owned from the 1880s until it closed in the 1910s due to an industry decline. McNally sees his venture as something of a fond re-boot.

The guy is devoted to his craft and doing something special: not just single malt but single barrel. The product is aged in bourbon barrels and finished in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. McNally prefers older sherry re-seasoned casks for the sweetness and depth they impart to the finished product, a richness that belies its light color. Each bottle gets stamped with both a barrel number and bottle number. Get yours here.