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LaCroix Addicts Should Check Out This Naturally Caffeinated Alternative

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There's roughly a 95% chance you're passionately addicted to LaCroix, the superbly delicious and shockingly healthy sparkling water that's replaced soda as the bubbly-drink-of-choice for what feels like the entire world. But it's missing one key thing: caffeine. And that's where Phocus comes in. 

The new-guys-on-the-block also produce subtly flavored sparkling water with no calories, no sugars, no sweeteners and no sodium but each of their products is loaded with 75mg of natural tea-extracted caffeine, which is basically equivalent to a small cup of coffee. That means it's not only a better version of LaCroix but a significantly healthier alternative to Red Bull and other energy drinks loaded with sugar and other questionable ingredients.

If you don't want to search through your local grocery market to give these a try, you can snag some through Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.