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How Minnesota Became a Hot Spot for Craft Distilling

Brandy, bourbon & rye.

Minnesota is bursting onto the craft distilling scene in a big way with the J. Carver Distillery in Waconia debuting three delectable new handcrafted spirits. Brickyard Straight Bourbon, Runestone Straight Rye, and Island View Brandy are each distilled and aged in Minnesota barrels at J. Carver's grain-to-glass facility, located in Lake Country 30 miles southwest of Minneapolis.

Founded in 2013, J. Carver Distillery is focused on producing unique, hand-crafted spirits one batch at a time with classic copper stills. Its spirits are made using locally-sourced ingredients such as winter wheat, rye, corn, malted grains, apple cider and wine. They also operate a cocktail lounge and tasting room at the distillery. Here's a rundown on the new juice:

Brickyard Straight Bourbon

Named in honor of the historic brickyards of Carver County, MN, this straight bourbon has a mash bill (grain recipe) of 71% Minnesota corn, 20% Minnesota winter wheat, and 9% malted barley, and has been aged over two years in charred oak barrels coopered in Minnesota. Non-chill filtered. 80 proof.

Runestone Straight Rye

Named after the infamous Kensington Runestone, this straight rye was developed for whiskey aficionados. With a mash bill of 86% Minnesota rye and 14% malted rye, and aged over two years in barrels coopered in Minnesota, it balances sweetness and spice. Non-chill filtered. 80 proof

 Island View Brandy

This limited release is Minnesota's very first brandy. Made in collaboration with local Minnesota vintners from cool climate grapes and aged over two years in toasted barrels coopered in Minnesota. 80 proof.