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Make a Bottle of Pappy Van Winkle Yours for the Holidays, Free of Charge


"Pappy." That's the single word response that many whiskey drinkers provide as their dream dram. Even for those who don't drink whiskey, the name is well known enough to carry real cachet. 

Annual production for the entire Pappy lineup is limited to under 10,000 cases a year, a tiny figure for a brand with global recognition and supplies are highly allocated to retailers and bars across the country. That makes it hard to find, and the more popular it became, the more difficult it was to track down, creating a snowball effect of ever-increasing popularity in tandem with ever-increasing scarcity.

To throw even more gas on the fire, in 2013, 65 cases of Van Winkle were made off with, with retail value of $25,000 USD and a true value of well over $100,000 USD. That made a theoretical ding in the supply chain but more importantly, it added to the brand's lore: whisky so good people are stealing it from the distillery.

So, is it worth it? Is it even possible for Pappy to live up to its name? You might just need to try it and figure that out for yourself. You could throw down $3,500 USD for a bottle of 23-year-old, or you could win one by clicking here and spending $75+ USD on Huckberry today, which automatically enters you to win a bottle for nothing. Your move....