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Lava in Your Java: New Hot Sauce Is Specially Developed for Coffee

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Hot sauce in your coffee might sound like crazy talk at first. But Ujjo — a new brand specializing in the very thing — is onto something quite interesting, quite unique, and quite delicious.

The founder, Lauren D'Souza, grew up drinking her grandmother's spiced chai and decided to see how some of its special recipe elements played with coffee. It took some tuning and tinkering but the formula eventually locked in, resulting in a "perfectly balanced spiciness that doesn't compete with the coffee flavor, just gives it some umph."

It arrives in two different recipes, one designed for light roast and one designed for dark roast coffee. Try for yourself here. And for those who want to get really creative in the kitchen, we hear it adds a proper kick to cocktails, desserts, marinades, and even ice cream.