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Last week in Los Angeles, Highland Park hosted a private sensory dinner filled with custom Nordic cuisine and of course, lots and lots of scotch. Brand Ambassador Martin Markvardsen also joined and amongst all the good food and conversation, one bottle, in particular, was the talk of the table: Highland Park The Dark.

The 17-year-old scotch whisky is the first in a diptych that celebrates the seasons on the Isle of Orkney in Scotland, where Highland Park is made. Its focus is on the fall and winter seasons, with distinctive notes of smoky peat and a powerful kick that warms and delights. It's the kind of scotch for people who like strong, delicious flavors to punch them in the face, not hide and run, scared. The Light, due to be released later this year, is its counterpart and will symbolize spring and summer with a varying taste and style.

For those looking for a serious scotch that won't completely break the bank–bottles go for around $220–this is a brilliant and delicious choice. Limited to 28,000 examples globally.