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Denver's Best Bartenders Banded Together to Make Happy Hour Great Again

“While the restaurant industry will have a rollercoaster ride over the next few years there is no denying the power it still holds in our society. Restaurants and bars have always been there to serve the world in times of both celebration and sorrow.” 

So notes Matthew Dutton of Denver's Cooper Lounge, the city's most glamorous watering hole, in Happy Hour Handbook, a cool new cocktail book from Denver's best bartenders aimed at giving the industry a boost and helping us all up our home bar game.

The book is a compilation of both cocktail and appetizer recipes, along with tips and suggestions from bartenders and chefs at Denver hotspots including Ace Eat Serve, Brass Tacks, Cooper Lounge, Death & Co, Dimestore Delibar, The Family Jones, Green Russell, Mile High Spirits, Queens Eleven, Room For Milly, Seven Grand, Smok, Steuben’s, and Williams & Graham. 

With gorgeous images by aptly-named photographer Andi Whiskey, the book instructs us on the fine points of putting together cocktails such as the Brass Tax Paloma, Death & Co’s Five Points, William’s & Graham’s Maple Old Fashioned, and Room for Milly’s Delta Royale. Many of the drinks showcase independent and local spirits, an education in and of itself.

All proceeds from sales of the beautifully-designed book—order your copy here—will be distributed to the contributing bars and restaurants, many of which are facing tough times in light of the pandemic. This will help ensure they're still open when we're ready to belly up to the bar again.

As Denver's Mayor Michael B. Hancock writes in the book's introduction, "Please encourage your friends and families to buy copies for themselves—and as gifts. And when you can, mix up a lemon drop and raise a glass to our wonderful dining and drinking community. Long may it thrive."